Amazing Race Asia

second season is starting.

and once again, heavily sponspored by Sony,

no doubt, there’ll be a “challenge” involving usage of a Sony gizmo.

the catch is, one of the contestants, Paula Taylor, is the spokesperson for Canon in Thailand.

what say you dentsu guys?


Planner Meeting: July 12

When: Thursday, July 12
Where: Cafe Primo, Inside Langsuan Soi 3, On your left hand side

Agenda: Fashion Branding and Marketing

Below are some thought starters:
1) Branding development strategies for Thai clothing companies in general
2) Branding in conjunction with clothing(and accessories) product
3) Short and long term branding direction and product innovation for Thai
and international markets

One of our meeting attendees, Marc, has generously donated his brand,
Dapper, for us to pick apart and think about. Should be fun–like a
branding case study!

See ya’ll there!